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All None GUID Taxon Collector Year Country
UPS:BOT:V-000095 Salicornia strobilina Pallas
UPS:BOT:V-000096 Salicornia virginica Jamaica
UPS:BOT:L-000013 Spiloma inustum Ach. Sierra Leone
UPS:BOT:L-000014 Spiloma dendriticum Ach. Persoon France
UPS:BOT:V-000097 Hippuris tetraphylla L.f. Hellenius Finland
UPS:BOT:V-000098 Hippuris tetraphylla L.f. Finland
UPS:BOT:V-000103 Lasistema myricoides Swartz Jamaica
UPS:BOT:V-000104 Lacistema aggregatum (P.J.Bergius) Rusby Williams Guyana
UPS:BOT:V-000105 Corispermum hyssopifolium
UPS:BOT:V-000106 Corispermum hyssopifolium
UPS:BOT:V-000107 Corispermum spicatum
UPS:BOT:L-000009 Spiloma tricolor Ach. Turner United Kingdom
UPS:BOT:L-000010 Sclerococcum sphaerale (Ach.) Fr.
UPS:BOT:L-000011 Spiloma paradoxum Ach.
UPS:BOT:L-000012 Spiloma paradoxum Ach. Sweden
UPS:BOT:L-000016 Spiloma xanthostigma Ach.
UPS:BOT:L-000015 Spiloma microclona Ach.
UPS:BOT:L-000017 Spiloma xanthostigma b. tectorum
UPS:BOT:L-000018 Spiloma leucostigma Ach. Sweden
UPS:BOT:L-000019 Spiloma leucostigma Ach. France
UPS:BOT:L-000020 Spiloma ochraceum France
UPS:BOT:L-000021 Spiloma marmoratum
UPS:BOT:L-000022 Arthonia punctiformis var. olivacea Ach. Sweden
UPS:BOT:L-000023 Arthonia punctiformis b. galactina Ach. France
UPS:BOT:L-000024 Arthonia punctiformis b. galactina Ach. Persoon France
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